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About Us

CellFend - Fermented Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

I also used to live in Hong Kong, and many of my friends were interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A number of my friends' fathers would always talk about something called "Rou Cong Rong" (肉苁蓉), and how it would "make them strong" and "give them power". Okayyyyy....!

I’m very interested in anti-aging (who isn't!) and am always researching the newest science. I came across this "Rou Cong Rong" in a western research paper, discovered the western name was Cistanche Tubulosa, was intrigued, and decided to look into it further!

It turned out that Cistanche Tubulosa has been well researched, including a number of the unique compounds found inside, including Echinacoside and Acetoside (Verbsacoside). And while it is used primarily as a vitality enhancer, its benefits extend far beyond that.

I noted that there were only a few supplement companies offering cistanche, and their compound standardizations were both weak and even sometime opaque. I’m an entrepreneur, and saw an opportunity here. We’re excited to bring this new product to the market – a cistanche extract that’s fermented, enhancing its bioactive compounds and bioavailability, standardizing numerous compounds within, to be the most potent formulation on the market.

So, that’s the genesis of this product - while this started off as funny hearsay from my friends' fathers in Hong Kong, it turned into a serious and powerful product with lots of science behind it!

We're proud to create a high quality product (99%+ purity) in GMP and ISO-9001 certified facilities, that undergoes rigorous third party lab testing.

To paraphrase Jonathan Swift, "everyone wishes to live long, but no one wants to be old".

Stay healthy!

Adam L Sherman
Founder, CellFend