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About Us

CellFend - Fermented Long Pepper Extract

I ran competitive track in high school and college, and for the past 20 years, I have been finely attuned to my body and what I put inside of it.

I’m very interested in anti-aging (who isn't!) and am always researching the newest science. I’ve been closely reading about senolytics – a cutting edge treatment to improve cellular health by killing senescent “zombie” cells.

These zombie cells are basically cells that no longer divide and enter into an arrested state; they don’t live, they don’t die, but they release toxic chemicals that spread to other cells. As we get older, we accumulate these zombie cells, which can lead to numerous age related diseases.

As cellular health is paramount to healthy aging, I added 2 types of senolytics to my supplement stack – quercetin and fisetin. Since senolytics are synergistic, meaning, if taken together, the benefits are greater than if taken separately, I looked into other types.

I came across an organic compound called piperlongumine, which is found in the long pepper. Piperlongumine has been well-researched with numerous documented benefits as a plant-derived senolytic. However, to my surprise, I couldn’t find a piperlongumine supplement.

I’m an entrepreneur, and saw an opportunity here, not only to create a product that I would take, but to create a company around it. We’re excited to bring this new product to the market – a patent pending long pepper extract that’s fermented, enhancing its bioactive compounds and bioavailability.

So, that’s the genesis of this company - while this started off as a personal journey, looking for myself, it ended up turning into a business.

We're proud to create a high quality product (99%+ purity) in GMP and ISO-9001 certified facilities, that undergoes rigorous third party lab testing.

To paraphrase Jonathan Swift, "everyone wishes to live long, but no one wants to be old".

Stay healthy!

Adam L Sherman
Founder, CellFend