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CellFend - Fermented Papaya Leaf Extract

I contracted dengue fever in Thailand (which is transmitted by mosquitoes). Dengue fever can be quite rough, and one of the things that happens to your body is your platelet count drops very low.

My Thai friends immediately recommended an ancient Thai remedy of drinking tea steeped from papaya leaves and also juice blended from papaya leaves. I did this, and monitored my platelet count every day (which you’re supposed to do with dengue, to make sure they don’t drop too low). I recovered well and my platelet count returned to normal levels quite quickly.

After I recovered from dengue fever, I looked into the papaya leaf, and was surprised to see numerous clinical trials and scientific studies supporting this thesis! That’s when I decided that this would be our next product, with its benefits enhanced by a 30:1 extract ratio and a fermentation process to assist with bioavailability and bioactivity.

Fortunately, cases of dengue fever in the West are quite rare, but the blood &platelet support that papaya leaf provides can be applied to numerous conditions, including helping individuals undergoing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to maximize their benefits.

We're proud to create a high quality product (99%+ purity) in GMP and ISO-9001 certified facilities, that undergoes rigorous third party lab testing.

To paraphrase Jonathan Swift, "everyone wishes to live long, but no one wants to be old".

Stay healthy!

Adam L Sherman
Founder, CellFend