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About Us

CellFend - Fermented Purple Corn Extract

I ran competitive track in high school and college, and for the past 20 years, I have been finely attuned to my body and what I put inside of it.

I’m very interested in anti-aging (who isn't!) and am always researching the newest science. I noticed that all of the superfoods I eat have an aesthetic commonality – they all have beautiful colors. The dark blue of blueberries, the deep red of acai berries, the vibrant green of wheat grass, etc…

These amazing colors are caused by a special pigment called an anthocyanin. Anthocyanins have been studied extensively, and their health benefits have been well documented.

After this discovery, I started to research different types of foods that are high in anthocyanins, in order to incorporate into my everyday diet. I came across an unusual type of corn, known as purple corn, due to the very rich purple color – it’s so dark, it’s almost black! Purple corn has the highest amount of anthocyanins of any plant found in nature – more than 4.5x the amount found in blueberries! However, I had a difficult time consistently finding it in stores and eating it on a daily basis.

So then I tried to find a Purple Corn Extract supplement to take for personal consumption, and to my surprise, there were no suitable products on the market.

I’m an entrepreneur, and saw an opportunity here, not only to create a product that I would take, but to create a company around it. So, that’s the genesis of this company - while this started off as a personal journey, looking for myself, it ended up turning into a business.

We're proud to create a high quality product (99%+ purity) in GMP and ISO-9001 certified facilities, that undergoes rigorous third party lab testing.

To paraphrase Jonathan Swift, "everyone wishes to live long, but no one wants to be old".

Stay healthy!

Adam L Sherman
Founder, CellFend